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World map showing where IRC is active in 26 countries

Focus countries

Our focus countries and partner districts are where WASH theory meets practice.

In Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Honduras, India and Uganda (and in our partner districts in each country), our teams are working to build strong and resilient national and local WASH systems to deliver reliable WASH services to everyone by 2030.

In our focus countries, and particularly our partner districts, we're working to make sustainable development goal 6 a reality: bringing WASH services to everyone by 2030.  In our role as a change hub, we're supporting coalitions of local government and other partners to invent and build resilient WASH systems so that once citizens have access to WASH services they will continue to do so forever.  We're sharing what we learn in the nation's capitals and contributing to building strong national systems - so that other districts can benefit too.  With a combined total population of more than one and a half million people living in diverse rural, small town and urban settings, we're not only learning - but making a real difference to people's lives.

Despite years of real progress, we can't ignore the failures of sustainability or the pockets of people - particularly poor people - left unserved. Nevertheless, we remain undaunted. We're convinced that with real political commitment and strong partnerships its possible to build the national and local systems necessary to serve everyone. But to do so requires openness, honesty and a willingness to try and to fail. Here we write about our successes, but also our challenges and frustrations.