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Register for the WASH Systems Academy

Published on: 14/06/2019

Learn the basics of WASH systems strengthening

It's now possible to register for the basic course on WASH system strengthening and our first specialist course on the building blocks of sustainable WASH systems.

What is the WASH Systems Academy?

The WASH Systems Academy is an online learning platform developed to empower professionals around the world with the knowledge and tools they need to create lasting water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services for all.

Access to water, sanitation and hygiene forms the very foundation of a healthy and dignified life. It is essential to improved health, education and livelihoods. Yet around the world, 2.1 billion people lack access to safe water and 4.5 billion people are without safe sanitation.

Ensuring WASH services last, needs holistic thinking and strong systems in place. Now, with the WASH Systems Academy free online courses, everyone can get to know the basics of how to deliver resilient water and sanitation services and be part of the change needed to leave no one behind. Let's build strong WASH systems together. Register for one of our courses below!

How does it work?

Interactive, engaging and free—the WASH Systems Academy makes driving for change for this human right fun and available to all. Listen to podcasts, watch animations, connect with others in the forums, create your own materials and much more! Watch this video to see what the academy has to offer:

WASH systems strengthening: the basics

Join us for our very first course! WASH systems strengthening: the basics will be your introduction to everything you need to know about system thinking and WASH. This foundational course consists of 9 interactive and engaging sessions dedicated to topics such as the origins and rationale for a systems strengthening approach, hygiene promotion, service ladders, how to leave no one one behind—among many other topics. You will also learn about the building blocks of the WASH system; what they are and how they collectively create sustainable WASH systems.

By the end of the basic course of the Academy you will have a solid understanding of:

  • What exactly is a WASH systems strengthening approach
  • How and why it was developed
  • How to start applying it in your work

If you are at the start of your career or are a senior WASH expert that wants to understand what a systems strengthening approach entails and how you can integrate it in your work, this free online course is for you. Read more about the basics course.

Registration is now open to all! Choose from one of the following 2-week sessions:

7 - 18 October 2019: register here

18 - 29 November 2019: register here

10 - 21 February 2020: register here

Specialist course: Building blocks of sustainable WASH systems

When WASH systems are strong and resilient they deliver services that meet people's needs. When they are weak, services are poor, unreliable or fail altogether. The WASH systems strengthening approach looks at the WASH system as a whole, through the lens of 9 critical "building blocks" as monitoring, finance and policy and legislation. Each session in this course focuses on one of these building blocks of a sustainable system. Read more about the specialist course.

8 - 19 December 2019: register here

10 - 21 February 2020: register here

Want to know more?

Check our landing page with everything you need to know about this new and dynamic online learning platform.

Go to the WASH System Academy landing page